When You Think No One Cares … You Are Wrong!

When You Think No One Cares … You Are Wrong!

I am constantly networking and watching the good work of other advocates for our military community.  This often involves spending time in the social network of vets, spouses and those that care and support them.  While I favor face time communication, or at least a good old fashioned phone call, many of the connections I have made live in the virtual world, connected by a common passion……helping our Vets and their Families.

Last night, scrolling through the fb feed, I came across an urgent post on a PTSD cause page that stopped me dead in my tracks.

Suicide…I have begged for help from VA.  I have PTSD and can’t deal with the pain.  VA is bullshit. Govt won’t help.  Good bye, I give up.

This was a tweet that immediately made its way to fb with and urgent request for attention.

Twitter user:  unknown  Location: Texas

Not too much to go on here….where do we start?

Over the course of the next hour or so, over 40 caring individuals from across the country pieced together, investigated and communicated  enough information to locate and help this Vietnam Vet that has been struggling for too many years alone. None of us knew this vet personally.  A passion to save this vet and come alongside him in his hopelessness was the only common bond.  Enough information was gathered to call in boots on the ground kind of help we needed.

I do not know the outcome this morning of these efforts, and I may never know.  But I do know two things.

1. When you think no one cares, you’re wrong.

2. When you think there is nothing you can do, you’re wrong.