United We Serve is Winning the War on Military Suicides … with Hope

United We Serve is Winning the War on Military Suicides … with Hope

Our Military service members provide the ultimate service to our country.  But their return home is often the toughest part of what they do.  Many service members and veterans have returned to find that they feel alone.  They often realize that few people understand or share the experiences they have had.

United We Serve is a non-profit organization from seeking to help our military, giving back to those who have given so much of themselves.  Operation Battle Buddy is at the center of the efforts.  With this project, United We Serve is helping service members and veterans connect to what they often need most – someone else who shares their experiences and understands.

Returning men and women can feel as though they are the only ones having the feelings of anger and depression after returning home.  United We Serve knows that there are others, just like you, who are struggling with the same pain and confusion.  Battle Buddy helps to foster relationships between service members and veterans.

United We Serve helps you find others to reassure you that you are not alone.  There is hope, and there are others.  There are others who know the experiences, understand the difficulties, and seek to come together for loving support and a chance of moving forward.  At Shepherds Pasture, the United We Serve Retreat Center in East Texas, returning soldiers can find peace again. Each retreat focuses on the unique needs of the participants.

Operation Battle Buddy works with service members and veterans, as well as their families.  They bring hope, love and support by facilitating relationships for entire families that have felt the harsh realities of Military life.  On the retreats at Shepherds Pasture, Battle Buddies will welcome relaxation and a break from the confusing world they have left behind, and the one they have come home to.

The United We Serve Retreat Center serves our military families with special programs as well.  The have programs focused on post-traumatic stress disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, and other service-related reintegration issues.  These programs are designed to target the recuperation of the entire family.

United We Serve has been helping military families for 14 years.  The non-profit organization is run by a military family who understands what military service members have been through.  Operation Battle Buddy  was developed to give returning soldiers the one support that they miss the most from their service time, a Battle Buddy.

Visit United We Serve or contact us at info@unitedweservemil.org or call 903.665.2647, for more information on the services they provide at no cost to Military families.