Military Programs & Community Engagement

You are not alone in your journey

You are not alone in your journey. Whether you are seeking healing resources or have been on this road for a while and would like to help others through your experiences, there is a place and a need for you.

The stresses of life are very real for all of us.  And for our Military community, deployments, separation, injury, trauma and stress is compounds those stressors.  The entire family struggles and the recovery process is different for everyone.  But we know that two things will help find healing in the transition process.  There is hope and you don’t have to do it alone.

We know that one of the greatest losses that a veteran or family members suffer after separation from the military is the loss of a Battle Buddy.  Whatever the circumstances, whether it is through retirement or separation from the military, relocation or death, the missing battle buddy relationship leaves a big hole.  Spouses and military children suffer from the loss of these crucial relationships as well.  Within our community we see broken relationships as well.  We know that these are the communities we are trying so hard to help our veterans and their families integrate back into and see the need for healing and restoration within the general population as well.

Through our BattleBuddy Family Programs we come alongside one another help to walk through uncharted territory of life together.  Our BattleBuddy relationships have proven time and again to be life saving for veterans and family members.  BattleBuddy and Family Bootcamp Retreats offer a safe place and opportunity to begin and nurture these relationships while you are receiving critical tools and hope to move forward into a healthy and purposeful future.

Through our Community Outreach Ministries and Global Mission involvement, we encourage  and empower those who are seeking to find their purpose and empower them to use it as they struggle with reintegration into mainstream society.

Through buy Lyrica online ireland REUP, ReEmpowered for an Upward Purpose, a long term restorative discipleship program, we offer the support, resources and relationships to empower you to find your God given purpose in life.  Together we share life, serve one another and our communities.  This dedicated long term program offers skills building, discipleship and service opportunities.