For Odd Fellow Friends and Battle Buddies

For Odd Fellow Friends and Battle Buddies

You never know when someone ventures across your path whether it will be for a moment, a season or a lifetime. I know that each relationship changes us somehow, build character through diversity, or maybe nourishes our soul.

It’s time today to pay proper homage to my incidental friend and our odd-fellow relationship. He landed here at Shepherd’s Pasture a few years ago after a roller coaster ride of a life. He says that he was “looking for a good place to die”. Why here? Just because it was the right place at the right time I guess. Not because he’d ever met us, or even particularly wanted to be here I would guess.

Not to worry. This is not a memorial kind of homage, more of a intermission celebration of a life that has a few more chapters to be written. My friend has had an amazing life. The kind of life full of more county legends and infamous mischief than you or I could even dream up. And all of that debauchery now stews in that timeless vault of a brain until it’s aged to perfection and finds just the right occasion to spill out in a wonderful tale.

I drove him to distraction at times. This was verified by the collection of names I’ve accrued over the years, Mother Superior, Hitler, Drill SGT. As I think about it, I haven’t heard any of these for quite a while. He either gave up the battle of the wills or realized that it was all tough love and for his own good. Or maybe we mellowed him just a little bit.

We’ll all miss you Sandy, quirks and all. You have changed the landscape of life as we know it.

One thing I know for sure, you don’t choose family, or battle buddies. And that we will forever be my friend.

God speed into the next chapters of you crazy amazing life my friend.