About Us

About United We Serve Military Family Foundation

United We Serve provides safe haven for our Military Service Members, Veterans and Family Members during times of difficulty and crisis.

United We Serve has served hundreds of military and their families through Battle Buddy and Family BootCamp Retreats at Shepherd’s Pasture, the UWS Retreat Center and Battle Buddy Headquarters.  Each retreat, tailored to the specific need of the participants, offers hope, tools and relationships to combat the struggles of Military Life.


Executive Team

Romey Kilgore
Founder / CEO
Dwayne Kilgore
Founder / CFO
Jessica Acers
COO / Children's Ministry Leader
Ron and Cora Williamson
Property Managers
Keith Barnett
Chief Technology Officer
Monica Padilla de Barnett
Women's Ministry Leader

Board of Directors

Pam Towns
Bob and Debby Barnett
Jack and Irma Kilgore
Joe Garcia